OWWO IV Gerardo Rimorin (left) receiving the donation of OFW Felipe Bautista (center) which was witnessed by AOV Ronaldo De Vera (right).

OFW Felipe Siapno Bautista of Mangaldan, Pangasinan donated his Disability Benefit from OWWA amounting to Php 25, 000.00 to less-fortunate children of ex-OFWs from Region 1 through OWWA’s Tuloy Aral Project (TAP). He received the said amount on July 8, 2014 at the OWWA Regional Welfare Office 1 in San Fernando La Union but he immediately gave it back to OWWA to be donated to indigent children.

OFW Bautista was deployed on January 26, 2011 to work as a carpenter for Redco Construction Alamana in Doha, Qatar. It was in July 1, 2011 when he fell from a 5meter-scaffolding while he was working. He suffered from severe traumatic brain injury, left frontal contusion, left eye third nerve palsy and bilateral optic neuropathy, right blunt chest trauma, fracture of pelvis, fracture of vertebral body of thoracic spine and multiple spinous process fractures.

The worker was unconscious for 8 days at the Intensive Care unit (ICU). According to OFW Bautista, he thought he will not survive the tragic accident that has happened to him. But, through the help of his doctors and constant prayers, he was able to recover from the said incident. But, as a result of it, he was able to develop permanent left third nerve palsy and bilateral optic neuropathy. His company also gave him an insurance benefit amounting to 200,000.00 Qatari Riyals or almost Php2, 500, 000 when converted to Philippine Peso.

He donated a part of the amount to a special child in Mindanao. It is just this 2014 that he was able to go home after the incident. He then applied for his Disability Benefit at the OWWA Region 1. After the evaluation, he was given Php 25, 000.00 benefit and he decided to donate it to less- fortunate children in Region 1 through a special program of OWWA dubbed as theTuloy Aral Project (TAP). TAP aims to assist the children of less fortunate former OFWs as well as other poor and needy elementary and high school children though foster parents/ sponsors.

According to OFW Bautista, the second life given to him is more than enough, and so the other benefits which he was able to get as an insurance from the accident is worthy to be donated to other people who are in need.

At present, he still works at the same company but was given lighter job considering his condition. He usually does office chores particularly being a tea boy.

OFW Felipe and OWWA hopes that the amount that was donated will be in one way or another help the less-privileged students who will become the recipient of the said amount.

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