Don't know how to start this post really. My friends told me "You're traveling alone, that's awkward." But it is a thirst for adventure, and what pushes me is my lifetime goal to visit all those towns before I die. No time frame, I want to make it slowly but surely. Honestly right now, I do not know how to do it but everytime I look at my map, I am seeing those towns and it will be a regret if I will just act later on. Now that I still have the strength, I wanna pursue it. Will I fulfill that goal? Honestly, I don't know, I just want to let it flow naturally.

This goal is the reason why I urged to visit Alilem. A town that can be accessed mainly with a motorcycle ride. I don't know where this journey will lead me. Sometimes I am thinking it is a waste of money but I just can't resist it because it is the craving of my soul.

Everytime I see a bus, the excitement goes on. If only I have unlimited funds I will spend my whole life traveling and exploring. Riding on a habal-habal, I pursued the journey with the determination that big things come from small things.

It is but another mountain town. Transportation is by chance so I have to make it sure that I will go back home safe and alive. I'm merely a stranger to this town and with the help of another stranger, we trekked the jungles of the town of Alilem to see waterfalls

Only the two of us, me as a stranger and a local resident familiar of his lovely mountain town. If trusting a stranger is a crime, then I am guilty.

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